Why Study With Us

13 Reasons to Join Us ...

  1. We provide individual attention: we offer small class sizes in all subjects – our teachers can help and guide you better through your studies.

  2. We have a safe and secure environment: our premises are equipped with a team of dedicated staff members and security personnel. 

  3. We have a great choice of subjects: Students are free to choose from a wide variety of subjects at advanced and intermediate level.  

  4. We provide a nurturing environment: the school has a dedicated professional guidance and counselling team together with a career advisor available on campus to guide, mentor and support students on personal and academic matters.

  5. We are in a great location: the school boasts a welcoming environment, with many open spaces and unique views.  The campus is also equipped with a number of specialised rooms and facilities.

  6. We provide an excellent school-life balance: lessons are between 08:15 and 15:05. This gives students ample time to find a good balance between their academic life and personal activities.

  7. We provide innovative learning: the school emphasizes a holistic education that balances hard and soft skills.  The school offers a number of enrichment programmes beyond the traditional academic subjects.

  8. We have an outstanding success rate: examination results exceed the national average in some subjects.  The school assessment policy aims to enhance the academic skills of students.

  9. We can improve your chances of furthering your studies: we offer multiple courses that facilitate the onward journey of students in their studies and careers

  10. We bridge compulsory education and university: the school supports students in the transition from a secondary school environment to university.  The independence you experience at our school will help you to become a more responsible and autonomous person.

  11. We have a multinational community: the school welcomes foreign students, participates in a number of national and European programmes and is an Erasmus+ partner with other foreign schools.

  12. We celebrate diversity and inclusion: the school welcomes students from all backgrounds and provides opportunities for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, culture or religious belief.  A diversity team that helps and supports all students is available on campus.

  13. You have a say: the school has a student representative council, acting as a bridge between students and the administration.  This council is democratically elected and is not affiliated with any political party.