Published on 27 June 2016

The Agenzija Zghazagh Youth Hub GCHSS has just concluded another year full of activities.  For the second consecutive year the Youth Hub demonstrated that, with all the fun and informal education it offers,  it is a safe environment for everyone who makes use of the facilities and participates in the activities organised therein.  Through the fun aspect, the Youth Hub helps young people acquire the social skills they need to build healthy relationships.  Apart from that, this year there were a plethora of informative sessions about Sexual Health, Addictions, Mental Health, Employability and Positivity, to name just a few.  Professionals from different sectors came to the school to give these talks.  The Youth Hub also strived to reach out to the community – a group of students became blood donors for the first time and  funds  were raised for the Malta Community Chest Fund last Christmas.  To celebrate all this, an end of year live-in was organised at Villa Psaigon.  The Youth Hub wishes all GCHSS students and prospective students a happy and productive summer holidays.